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Introducing Tradeworks 3 - The New Generation!

Posted by Tradeworks on 08-Jan-2018 18:49:10

In May 2015 we launched Tradeworks 2. Since then our growth has been phenomenal with thousands of new users from all over the world, 15 active broker partners with many more joining us in 2018 along with a pipeline full of great feedback from our treasured users.

The time has now come to take the next big step forward and launch Tradeworks 3 during the weekend 13-14th of January 2018.

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Why automate your strategy with Tradeworks?

Tradeworks is a broker-neutral developer of trade automation software working solely for individual traders. Try our product for free and discover advantages of automating your trading strategy including:  

  1. Save time and let our cloud-based technology monitor the markets for you 24/7
  2. Elevate your trade performance through unemotional and exact trade execution
  3. Manage your risk better with our innovative risk management tools 
  4. Intuitive and simple-to-use interface
  5. No programming skills required


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