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Introducing the Template Strategies Library

Posted by Tradeworks on 15-Feb-2017 10:41:50

top-templates-news.pngTradeworks is proud to announce the launch of the Template Strategies Library, a new and exciting feature where traders can find a number of ready-made strategies and track their performance over the past 5, 30 or 90 days.

With a multitude of fully transparent strategies our new feature offers a simple and effective way for traders to discover the advantages of algo trading. All strategies are offered completely free and traders can save their preferred strategies to their personal Tradeworks profile in a simple click. 

The pre-designed plug-and-play strategies are simple to use, easy to understand and flexible enough - being fully customizable - to accommodate all types of trading styles. This makes the new library ideal for traders looking for a faster way to launch successful automated trading strategies for forex or CFD trading. 

Benefits of Template Strategies:

  • All strategies are constantly enabled and their performance is tracked in real-time
  • Strategies can be ranked by best performance (in pips) over the past 5, 30 or 90 days   
  • 100% transparent reporting and strategies are never changed once launched
  • Fully customisable and completely free to use  

How Templates Can Help

As an alternative to building their own strategies from scratch, the Tradeworks templates allow traders to quickly and easily access pre-built strategies to speed up the development process.

The template strategies are designed to help traders understand how algorithms work and benefit retail forex and CFD traders. Best of all, the new template strategy library allows traders to track the best strategies in real time and rank them based on profitability. Once copied, strategies can be edited and tweaked as often as necessary in order to achieve optimal profitability.

Tradeworks’ strategy templates library serves to compliment traders who design their own bespoke strategies, hosted by Tradeworks, with the aim to build on a more beneficial trading experience.

How It Works

Going forwards, Tradeworks will continually provide fully transparent strategies, which traders can rank by best performance (measured in pips) over 5, 30 or 90 day time frames.

Users are urged to choose their preferred strategy and click on GET in order to save it to their personal list of strategies. Here, traders can alter and customise the template and thereby making it their own, unique, strategy which they can utilize to its maximum performance.

The new library of template strategies can be found in the new "Template Strategies" menu inside Tradeworks and will initially feature 14 distinct trading strategies. 


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