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Posted by Tradeworks on 24-Mar-2017 04:08:52

3 easy-to-use-trade automation systems for retail traders

By Ong Kai Kiat | Mar 14, 2017
  • Helps in achieving more consistent trading results by maintaining discipline even in volatile markets
  • Programs are not afraid to take losses, will ride winners for longer without losing their nerve

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Tradeworks extends partnership with Monex

Posted by Tradeworks on 13-Mar-2017 03:52:00

LEAPRATE:Tradeworks, the Singapore and Copenhagen-based fintech developer of trade automation technology, just announced that it will be extending its partnership with P.T. Monex Investindo Futures (Monex), an online brokerage in Indonesia.

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Tradeworks moves to new offices

Posted by Tradeworks on 07-Mar-2017 08:59:00

LeapRate has learned that Tradeworks, the tradeworksoffice-730x438.pngDenmark-based company that allows traders to automate their trading strategies without the need for coding, announced earlier today that as “result of our strong growth we are moving our HQ to much bigger offices.

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Introducing the Template Strategies Library

Posted by Tradeworks on 15-Feb-2017 10:41:50

top-templates-news.pngTradeworks is proud to announce the launch of the Template Strategies Library, a new and exciting feature where traders can find a number of ready-made strategies and track their performance over the past 5, 30 or 90 days.

With a multitude of fully transparent strategies our new feature offers a simple and effective way for traders to discover the advantages of algo trading. All strategies are offered completely free and traders can save their preferred strategies to their personal Tradeworks profile in a simple click. 

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Posted by Tradeworks on 12-Jan-2017 15:39:58

Great podcast interview with Mikael Breinholst about his background, how the idea for Tradeworks came about and how he sees algo trading becoming 'the new normal' for retail traders.

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PT Monex signs up with Tradeworks

Posted by Tradeworks on 02-Jun-2016 04:31:15

Monex_NEW-01.jpgLeapRate Exclusive… LeapRate has learned that financial market trading technology provider Tradeworks has signed up PT Monex Investindo Futures (Monex), the leading forex broker in Indonesia, to an exclusive distribution partnership for the Indonesian retail FX market.

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Interview with Mikael Breinholst in Finance Feeds

Posted by Tradeworks on 02-Jun-2016 04:29:20

financefeeds_logo.pngIndonesia goes hitech: Tradeworks CEO Mikael Breinholst talks Asian advancement and avoiding the newbies and the questionables 

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Stuart McPhee joins Tradeworks

Posted by Tradeworks on 20-Apr-2016 05:17:56

StuartMcPhee at TradeworksLeapRate Exclusive Interview… LeapRate has learned that Stuart McPhee
has joined Copenhagen-based algo trading tools developer Tradeworks, which we earlier reported has just completed a $500,000 capital raise.

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Upgrading the Tradeworks subscription plans

Posted by Tradeworks on 13-Mar-2016 20:47:50

Click to see full size tableWe are constantly improving Tradeworks to offer our customers the best possible trade automation experience. Through chat, email, Skype-calls, Whats App and any other method of communication imaginable, we are constantly connecting with thousands of customers and listening to their suggestions, problems and wants.

Based on comprehensive customer feedback over the past year, we are pleased to announce the following changes to our subscription plans.

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GKFX chooses Tradeworks for algo trading capabilities

Posted by Tradeworks on 14-Jan-2016 05:01:00


GKFX announced today it has partnered with Copenhagen and Singapore based financial trading technology company Tradeworks. Under the agreement GKFX will make the Tradeworks algorithmic trading tool available to their global client base starting today. 

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Why automate your strategy with Tradeworks?

Tradeworks is a broker-neutral developer of trade automation software working solely for individual traders. Try our product for free and discover advantages of automating your trading strategy including:  

  1. Save time and let our cloud-based technology monitor the markets for you 24/7
  2. Elevate your trade performance through unemotional and exact trade execution
  3. Manage your risk better with our innovative risk management tools 
  4. Intuitive and simple-to-use interface
  5. No programming skills required

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