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How to make a losing strategy profitable with Tradeworks

Posted by Tradeworks on 15-Jun-2015 08:55:00

shutterstock_251961442Many of our subscribers have asked us how good the pre-set template trading strategies are. The template strategies are, of course, real strategies which our team has built to showcase the Tradeworks automation platform. Well, the short answer to the question is that some of them are actually pretty good. But more importantly, it is very easy to turn a poor strategy into a great one! Let us explain...

While backtesting all the templates over last week's data we came across "Stop and Reverse (EURUSD)" which stood out as the worst performing strategy of them all: -37% for the week!

So we asked ourselves what we could do to make the strategy profitable and started tweaking the different variables of the strategy. We were surprised...within just a few minutes, and with minimum effort, we had turned a losing strategy into a profitable one!

3% profit last week with minimal draw-down
So how did we do it? Pretty simple really. The strategy trades when the price crosses the ParabolicSAR indicator from either below to above (buy) or from above to below (sell). All we did was to change the two Signal rules around to now open a long position when crossing from above to below and vice verca.

The result: RoE of 3% in one week!  
The good news is that you can easily make these changes yourself and benefit from this great strategy. Go ahead - log in now and turn the strategy into a profitable one yourself!


Product Update 1: New equity balance graph in performance analytics
As part of the constant development of the Tradeworks automation platform, we have now added a graph-feature to visually show the account balance for a given strategy being backtested. This gives a quick visualization of the volatility of a strategy which is important when setting leverage and money management rules. 


Product Update 2: Adding 6 new symbols to the Backtester - including Gold and Silver
One of the requests we received in our feedback forum was for additional symbols to be made available for testing in the Backtester. We have now expanded the list to include six new symbols including XAUUSD and XAGUSD. In total, you can now perform backtests on 14 symbols in Tradeworks.

Should you have any specific requests for additions/changes to our product, please feel free to send us these by clicking the link below.


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