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Ex-investment banker now working full-time as angel investor and entrepreneur. Now dedicating all my time to Magick, a new start-up that develops financial trading software designed for retail forex traders. This is a project that fits me perfectly as it combines my extensive financial markets experience with my passion for investing in start-ups and helping these mature into real businesses.
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Top 5 tips for improving your automated FX trading

Posted by Thomas Nyegaard on 10-Dec-2014 04:42:00

Top 5 tips for improving your automated FX trading

Here at Tradeworks, we love automated trading. As we
discuss below, it offers a whole range of benefits
that can help traders profit from the markets. But
automating your strategy doesn’t guarantee results. 
Just like any other form of trading, you need to
dedicate time and effort to get it right. So we’ve 
come up with a few tips that we believe will help
increase your chances of success. 

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Topics: Trade Automation, Forex Trading, Forex Trading Strategies

A list of trade automation options available to retail forex traders

Posted by Thomas Nyegaard on 23-Sep-2014 17:05:00

If you’re an independent Forex trader looking for ways to optimize your trade execution and avoid missing great trading opportunities, then you could consider automating your trading strategy.

There are a variety of options available for automating trading strategies. This post seeks to evaluate each of them in terms of affordability, flexibility and time commitment.


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Topics: Trade Automation, Forex Trading Strategies

Why automate your strategy with Tradeworks?

Tradeworks is a broker-neutral developer of trade automation software working solely for individual traders. Try our product for free and discover advantages of automating your trading strategy including:  

  1. Save time and let our cloud-based technology monitor the markets for you 24/7
  2. Elevate your trade performance through unemotional and exact trade execution
  3. Manage your risk better with our innovative risk management tools 
  4. Intuitive and simple-to-use interface
  5. No programming skills required


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